Friday, April 30, 2010


Yea!  It's Friday!  Daddy has off today, so we spent some time with him this morning before he went out this aftrernoon.  No idea what we will do with the rest of the weekend, but we'll find something.  Food has been fine the last few days.  Had pancakes this morning, which was great!  Walked 3.8 miles yesterday and took my own food to our dinner before bible study last night- I even avoided eating cupcakes while everyone else did!  Yea again!  That's about it.  How are you doing?

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  1. I just wanted to see how you were doing. I guess I'm not the only one struggling every now an then. I've really been down on myself cause I've gotten away from my good eating habits and just do them when I want to..if that makes sense. So I've completely alienated everyone! Which is wrong but I was afraid of disappointing everyone (including me). Plus to make matters worse my sis-in-law went on the HGC diet 40 days ago & is now down almost 40 lbs! So with her rubbing it in my face (nicely) and trying to get me on the diet with her, it's been really rough. I turned down her offer (cause that's a very strict diet, hard to do with young children & busy schedules) informing her I was doing something on my own. She relutantly said an okay & backed off for the time being. So I've been really bummed about that. Plus I've quit walking & riding my bike! However upon reading several of your posts I'm beginning to see I'm not alone. Thank you so much for posting what's going on. I now see I need to do that for accountability purposes and to help me out & other people out.

    So I've gained back 4 lbs from last week :-( but with everything that we had going on (final soccer games, soccer celebration, Bedlam baseball game and Mothers Day) I can understand why. Plus I didn't really restrain from eating unhealthly things so that's why. O'well this is a new week and I'm looking forward to eating healthier and getting back on track!