Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quiet time.... sigh...

So baby is in bed, daddy went to buy me a birthday gift, and I get some quiet time.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!  Can I say that any louder?!?!  PRAISE THE LORD OUR GOD FOR PEACE AND QUIET!!!  Today was an insane day.  Started with a magnificent trip to Publix.  I spent $36 on groceries and saved $110.  I just LOVE IT when that happens.  I put the cold stuff in the cooler and Hannah and I raced to Weight Watchers.  That's always a bit overwhelming b/c she's at the age where she won't sit still, so I feel like a huge annoyance at the meeting.  But one of the women today told me not to worry about it and let her walk around.  That was nice.  =)  After that, we came home, Hannah took a nap.  While she did that, I don't know what I did?!?  Um, dishes (no, we don't have a dishwasher)???  Oh and made zucchini bread for a gift and Hannah's lunch.  Well, Hannah had yet another allergic reaction to some food she ate at lunch.  Her eyes swelled up and turned red and she got a rash all over her.  Off to the the pediatrician again.  We were finally referred to an allergist, so we will see what happens there.  Then we ran some errands, I got my hair cut, then we ran a few more errands, went to the park with some friends, and got home in time to meet daddy.

Tonight daddy got to see the irritiable Hannah.  I was in the hair pulling out mood again, but he kept her occupied while I tried to clean up the house and make dinner.  Because of the incredible business of the day, I haven't eaten but 23.5 of my points and I am not hungry.  So, I am going to stop there.  I am trying to honor this body and obey God.  I haven't been incredibly tempted, but right now, I'd like to put something in my mouth b/c it would taste good.  But I keep kicking the thought out of my mind.  It's like in the song Slow Fade by Casting Crowns- "Be careful little eyes what you see, It's the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings."  It always reminds me that with my thoughts about food.  The first thought is fine, but when I let it linger, it settles in my heart and that leads to the sin of disobedience and gratifying the flesh.  I need to stop my thoughts before they get to my heart.  How do I do that?  Occupy myself with something else, pray, just do it.

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