Friday, April 9, 2010

The weekend.

Hey.  Well, yesterday turned out OK.  I was 1.5 points over my limit, but am not worried about it b/c we have those extra 35 to mess with every week.  My overage- a hamburger last night.  We went to bible study and I didn't have much choice to eat but what they provided.  I did eat vegetables before I left and took my own 1 point thin bun, but it was fine.  I can't believe how easy and hard it can be at the same time... everyone else was eating cheese burgers with bacon, chips, and potato salad- and drinking soda- oh yes and brownies.  And here I am with my burger with mustard and dill pickles on my thin bun with water.  That was it.  I found myself kind of spacing out while everyone else was still eating and not joining the conversation.  But it was OK. 

This weekend will be a little challenging.  We are heading to the in-laws today through Monday, so I won't have as much control over my food choices.  I am going to do my best to stick to points though.

Oh- a praise for yesterday- I made a lime cake for this weekend and tasted at most- a tablespoon of cooked cake and icing.  Go Nicole!!!

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