Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So let's see here.  Sunday night wasn't too great.  I ate way too many Sun Chips.  Why?  Because I felt like I had ruined my week already, so I ate them.  Not a whole bag or anything, but definitely more than one serving and definitely more points than I should have.

BUT- I made a come back yesterday.  I limited myself to 25 points and went for a 45 minute walk with a bit of jogging.  It was a great food day!

Then today... my food at home has been fine, but I had MOPS this morning.  Should I tell you what I ate?  Yep, I think I need the accountability.  I had some spinach strawberry salad, 2 mini-muffins, 3- 1" brownies, 2 chocolate covered cream puffs, and 1 oatmeal raisin cookies.  Plus 2 glasses of water.  So it's not terrible, but again, it was definitely more than my points.  I know this will sound terrible, but others had heaping plates of food.  But that doesn't matter- it's about what I did, and that comparision doesn't make my sin of flesh any better.  So I am back on track now and plan to stay so through the rest of the day.  I will let you know how weigh-in goes.

So finally- I am worried.  I know Luke talks about not worrying, but gosh, I am worried.  Our house in NC has been on the market since mid-November.  We had a buyer all lined up and it fell through last week (the purchase was contingent on the sale of their house in MD).  So Michael and I are all out of savings after paying mortage and rent every month since December ($750 twice a month).  We might be able to make it this month.  We will have about $200 after paying all our bills for food and gas.  But we will be in the red until his 2nd monthly paycheck.  So I guess that means taking money out of baby's savings account.  I HATE to do that.  BUT I know that we can put it back once we sell the house (and we had planned to put more in there for her anyway).  Sigh.  I need to get on my knees and make some tread marks in the carpet.

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